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We just got this letter in from Jon Toft, and thought we would share this important news with you!

Dear All

I trust this correspondence finds you well.

Below is an extract from our most recent monthly newsletter that will be sent out today.
“As many of you will be aware, the owner of the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge, and all the staff involved with the Lodge have been working continuously to protect and enhance the beautiful environment, habitat, and the fishery of the Agua Boa river and the surrounding area. As the new year commenced we received confirmation that all of this hard work and effort had resulted in some really positive news coming from the authorities of the state of Roraima (the state in which the Agua Boa river and the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge are situated).

The environmental authorities (FEMACT) of Roraima state signed a document that has now been entered in to law, which states that the Agua Boa river (which the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge is situated on the banks of) is a “FLY FISHING ONLY RIVER”.
All other forms of fishing are prohibited.”

I think you will all agree that this is fantastic news for the future of the Agua Boa river and its surrounding environment.

Best regards


Jon Toft
European Manager

Amazon Agency Corp.

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